Scottish Surnames

Scottish Surnames

Do you have a Scottish last name in your family tree?

Here, you can find further information about the meaning, history and origins of a growing list of Scottish family surnames … plus interesting facts and miscellany.

Scottish family surnames

Anderson Surname

Discover the history, origins, and fascinating stories behind the Anderson family name. Click through to find out more about the Anderson surname .

Scottish surnames - Anderson family crest

Brown Surname

The last name Brown is popular in Scotland and can reflect personal characteristics such as hair and literally mean the colour brown. Click through to find out more about the Brown surname .

The Brown family of Colstoun Clan Crest

Clark Surname

The Clark surname means a cleric from the old French word ‘clerc’. This post looks at the origin, history, and meaning of the Clark last name …

Douglas Surname

Learn about the Douglas last name, its genealogy and its origins. The Douglas family were a powerful family who changed Scottish history.

Graham Surname

Do you have a Graham last name in your family tree? Do you want to know about the meaning of the Graham Surname? then read on…

Gregory Surname

6 things you didn’t know about the Gregory family history and some of their important descendants who were leading academics.

Hamilton Surname

Researching your Hamilton family history? Here is a fascinating story about the Hamilton last name origins and meaning.

Henderson Surname

Do you have a Henderson ancestor in your family tree? Read on to find out more about the Henderson surname and its history.

Are you a Lindsay?  Perhaps you are related to the Lindsay family from Edzell Castle? Here is a post about the Lindsay family.

MacGregor Surname

Rob Roy MacGregor was a real ‘Robin Hood’ who lived in the beautiful Glen where Balquhidder is located. Do you have a MacGregor last name in your family tree?

If you have Scottish family history with MacLellans as ancestors, then find out about the MacLellan surname here.

Marshall Surname

Learn about the historical meaning of the Marshall surname and how it is linked with horses. Are you related to a Marshall ancestor….

Metcalfe Surname

Are you related to a Metcalfe? This post will tell you all you need to know about the origins, meaning and history of the Metcalfe last name. 

Scottish surnames - Metcalfe Coat of Arms

Michie Surname

The Michie surname is deeply rooted in Aberdeenshire.  It has travelled from the Holy Land to Scotland.  Are you a Michie?

Mitchell Surname

Although the Mitchell surname is Scottish, it was integrated into Scottish culture over 900 years ago. It originally means ‘who is like God’.  Read more about the Mitchell family surname.

Moncrieffe Surname

The Moncreiffe or Moncrieffe family surname is one of the oldest noble families from Perthshire from the 13th century. Are you related?

Montgomery Surname

Are you a Montgomery or are you descended from a Montgomery? Read this blog to learn about the origins of this interesting last name.

Montgomery clan crest

Morrison Surname

Do you have a Morrison in your family tree? What are the origins of the Morrison name? Who are some of the famous Morrisons?

Unlock the meaning, origin and history of the Murray surname. Associated with the Moray region, its origins can be traced back to the 12th century.

Murray family crest

Nisbet or Nesbitt Surname

Are you related to a Nisbet or Nesbitt? Would you like to know more about the meaning, origin and history of the Nisbet surname?

Unlock the secrets of the Paterson surname origin and history. Join me on a journey through time with this Scottish surname.

Paterson clan crest

Reid Surname

This post is about the family history of the Reid family name and some ancestors who have made an impact on Scottish society.

Here’s a little story about Peter Rennie a gardener from Milnathort and Kinross (1837-1916).

Rintoul Surname

Explore the origin and meaning of the Rintoul surname dating back over 6 centuries. Interestingly, it is a placename not far from Milnathort!

Image of Rintoul farm near Milnathort on a grey evening.
Rintoul farm on a grey evening – photo credit Daniel Rintoul

Robertson Surname

The Robertson surname means ‘son of Robert’ and Robert means ‘bright fame’. A popular name, it belongs to one of the oldest Scottish clans – are you a Robertson?

Scottish surnames - Robertson Coat of Arms

In this post, I will be unlocking the history of the Ross surname that span for centuries.  You will learn about the origins, meaning, and interesting stories about individuals with the surname Ross.

Ross clan family crest

Gain insight into the origin and history of the Scott surname. This historic last name simply means a person from Scotland.

Scott clan crest

Smith Surname

Are you looking for a Smith in your family? then read this blog for interesting facts on the origins and meaning of the Smith family last name.

Taylor Surname

Are you a Taylor? Or do you have the last name Taylor in your Scottish ancestry? Then read on to know more about this interesting surname.

Scottish surnames - Taylor tartan

Thompson Surname

There are many variations of this surname.  Actually, Thomson is more prevalent in Scotland than the surname Thompson! Want to know more? …  then read on.


The Thomson family crest

In the 1881 census the Forfar region (in modern Angus) had more people with the Warden surname than anywhere else in Scotland.

Strength and legacy are connected to the Watson surname and its family history. As a patronymic name it can be found in Scotland and England. Find out more…

Some interesting facts about the history and origins of the Wilson surname. Most people believe it came from Norman influence when in fact it was introduced to Scotland by the Norse people.

Scottish surnames -the Wilson crest

… and our list of Scottish surnames keeps growing

Would you like your surname to be researched and be included in the list above? If yes, just let me know.

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