About Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I love researching family histories!

Genealogy is the search for our ancestors. 
​Family History is the study of their lives.
 Together, they give a full picture of your family.

Before becoming a genealogist and family historian at Unlock Your Past, I was a mathematics teacher for nearly 20 years.  While teaching, I was researching family histories and achieved a masters in family history at Dundee University.  Once qualified, I started my business and retired from teaching.

My mathematical mind has always helped me solve genealogical brick walls.  Becoming a family historian was a natural step for me to take and researching Scottish history is an added bonus because it is so interesting.  

I am based in Kinross, between Edinburgh and Perth.  It’s a great location because I have easy access to their archives as well as Dundee, Stirling and Alloa.

With over 15 years experience, I have been helping people from Australia, New Zealand, North America, Canada, England and Scotland to uncover their Scottish past.

As well as my experience in Scottish family history research, I am accredited and registered backed by professional genealogy associations:

  • the Association of Professional Genealogists,
  • the Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (ASGRA),
  • the Register of Qualified Genealogists (RQG) 

My commitment to accuracy and thoroughness sets me apart.

The combination of my experience and skills ensures that I will provide a high standard of researching your family history.  I understand how to use genealogical records effectively, as well as report writing, referencing sources, and reading old handwriting (palaeography).

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Association of Professional Genealogists membership
ASGRA - Sarah is a qualified genealogist and family historian
Sarah is a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists

Let me be your genealogist and family historian.

genealogist and family historian-Unlockyourpast
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Sarah is a very professional and very knowledgeable genealogist. The family history report and family tree are so interesting.

What Can I Do For You?

When I started my business, I knew I wanted to provide an efficient and methodical research service using my experience and vast knowledge of family history sources.  You can have total confidence that every step of your ancestral journey will be thorough and interesting.

At the heart of my business,

I will . . .

  • ask you for details of what you already know;
  • offer candid advice about the research;
  • provide a timescale of the research to be done;
  • give regular updates;
  • write a tailor-made family history report;
  • provide clear narrative reports with accurate information to justify the genealogical conclusions;
  • explain any findings that are not obvious, or explain why information may not be found;
  • clearly explain if I am unable to find evidence and, if possible, suggest alternative avenues of research;
  • present findings as fact, drawing a clear distinction between what is proven and what is probably or possibly correct;
  • fully reference and document my findings from authoritative sources;
  • respect the confidential nature of your family and not publish anything without your full consent;
  • abide to the code of practice of ASGRA and the Register of Qualified Genealogists.

I will not . . .

  • rely on automated software to produce a family history report;
  • pass on your details to any third party;
  • search for and contact living relatives on your behalf, unless I have your permission;
  • purchase documents without your permission – unless they are included in the quoted price;
  • do more research than agreed and charge you for it.

At the heart of my business, I am dedicated to ethical, honest and affordable research.  As a professional and passionate genealogist I believe in helping people learn about their Scottish past.

If you want to learn about your family history, then I want to help you unlock it.

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Receive your free guide and monthly genealogy news!

Your contact details will never be shared. 
You can unsubscribe any time but it would be nice to stay in touch :) 
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