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Find the History of My House

Are you interested in the history of your house and its former occupants? 

What are the historical connections that have shaped the walls of your home?  Who lived there?  Did they appear in the local news?  What did they work as?  Would you like to unlock the history of your home one brick at a time – if yes, read on…

house history research

House history research

Researching House History in Scotland

Every house has a story to tell.

Many properties have archival material to help piece together the history and the lives of its occupants.

As a Scottish genealogist I am lucky to have access to the early land records as they are a treasure trove of interesting information.  

So how can you find the history of your house?

House History Resources

Scotland’s comprehensive land registration system and rich historical records make it an excellent place for researching your house history.

When researching a house history, I use a range of historical records that are available in the archives in Edinburgh and local to the house. 

Other materials can also include photographs, postcards and estate records.

house history research

Would you like the history  of your house to be researched?

As an expert Scottish genealogist, I create house history reports that are presented in a chronological narrative.  These are printed in a coloured A4 saddle stitched booklet.

They make a great conversation piece with friends and family or a perfect gift for your loved one.

Interested? then reach out and get in touch.

To trace your house history… I will go beyond dates and names

  • Occupants: I will research into the lives of past residents, shedding light on their experiences and stories within the walls of your home adding depth to the history.
  • Tenant Stories:  Newspapers may offer information about the occupiers who lived in your home.  They may include details about their lives, occupations, and the challenges they faced.
  • Historical Maps: Old maps can provide a visual journey through time, showing how the landscape and properties have changed over the years.   
  • House Sales: Using historical newspapers, the sales advertisement may provide details of the rooms and  gardens. 
  • Local Village or Parish History:  Researching your home’s history often involves delving into the social history of the local village or parish.  Understanding the broader context can help you appreciate your home’s place in the community’s history.
  • Previous occupation of the land:  Before your home was built, there might have been other structures on the same land.  Property records and historical maps may reveal what existed before your current home.  This can be a fascinating exploration of architectural evolution.

Let me be your guide to uncover the mysteries behind your front door and unravel the stories that have shaped your house. 


Given the specialised nature of house history research, contact me with information about your property and project to receive a cost estimate.  Let us work together and unlock your house history.

What My Customers Say

“If any person were to ask for a recommendation for Unlock Your Past, I would be happy to provide a very strong one.  Setting up your research, the means of payment, conveying my findings to you, and the Report itself all unfolded smoothly. Most importantly, the Report clearly and carefully demonstrated the resolution of a difficult genealogical question that I had  unsuccessfully struggled with for over a year. ”

John from USA

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