The Association of Scottish Genealogists and Archivists has recently accepted me to be a member. Known as ASGRA, this association is the only accrediting body in Scotland for professional genealogists promoting the highest standards. I underwent rigorous assessments and I had to prove my competence as a genealogist to be accepted. I am proud to be a member of this association.

I am also proud to be a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists (RGQ). This is a body who only accepts genealogists with a recognised qualification. I graduated in November 2018 from the University of Dundee with a Masters in Family and Local History, one of the few universities in the UK to offer a degree in family history.

As a member of ASGRA, I adhere to the Code of Practice, and I abide to the Professional Code of the RGQ.

The combination of my experience and skills ensures that I will provide a high standard in researching your family history. I understand how to use genealogical records effectively, as well as report writing, referencing sources, and reading old handwriting (palaeography).

I will . . .

  • Ask you for details of what you already know
  • Offer candid advice about the research
  • Provide a timescale of the research to be done
  • Give weekly updates
  • Provide clear narrative reports with accurate information to justify the genealogical conclusions
  • Explain any findings that are not obvious, or explain why information may not be found
  • Clearly explain if I am unable to find evidence and, if possible, suggest alternative avenues of research;
  • Present findings as fact, drawing a clear distinction between what is proven and what is probably or possibly correct;
  • Fully reference and document my findings from authoritative sources.
  • Respect the confidential nature of your family and not publish anything without your full consent.

I will not . . .

  • Pass on your details to any third party.
  • Search for and contact living relatives on your behalf.
  • Purchase documents without your permission – unless they are included in the quoted price.
  • Do more research than agreed and charge you for it.